Yuuki Tsumugi

The reason why plain texture does not seem plain is because it is made with imbalanced threads from cotton, or the different colors of warp and yarn. When you take a look very closely, it shows different expressions, with different colors.
It looks as if each of these threads has just come out from sprout, showing the lovely colors. When you use it, and wash it a few times, you will get more attached to the texture. Please enjoy the change of the texture as it ages.

無地という最も基本的な織りが単なる無地に見えないのは、真綿からつむがれた不均一な糸で織られていることや、たて糸よこ糸で異なる色を織っているからかもしれません。 よく見ると場所によって表情を変え、浮き出た、たくさんの色。