One of Japanese traditional beauty sense, “Wabi-Sabi” shows the spiritual nature, as it is expressed in the tradition of Japanese tea ceremony, and the stone garden. The consciousness of “Wabi”, trying to find satisfaction of the mind in shortage.
“Sabi”, possessing new beauty as it changes over the years.
Not only the rich colors, but also feel and look at the rich texture hidden behind itself.

日本の美意識の一つ、『わびさび』茶道の世界や石庭などに見られ精神性を表す。 不足のなかに心の充足を見出そうとする意識「侘び」。 経年変化によって、新し美がそこに備わった「寂び」。 色彩の豊かさだけではなく、内に秘めた素材そのものの豊かさを感じて見て下さい。